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Accumulated sludge in storage tanks can reduce the storage capacity, accelerate corrosion and cause general operating problems. As such, petroleum tank cleaning is one of the most widespread challenges faced by operators today. As a general rule, storage tanks are cleaned prior to inspections or for mechanical repairs, however storage tanks are increasingly being cleaned as a means to comply with more stringent federal environmental guidelines.


First response teams are equipped to handle industrial accidents, environmental disasters and all types of fuel releases including tanker wrecks, leaking tanks, overfills, and spills. When an emergency situation arises, our first response team can mobilize directly from the field. Clean Tank Inc. operates under the strictest of safety procedures and in cooperation with our clients and the local authorities.

Clean Tank Inc responded to the BP MC 252 spill in 2010


A leader in industrial cleaning and repair services, Clean Tank Inc., offers comprehensive maintenance, repair and cleaning services for industrial facilities. Hydroblasting services are able to remove the toughest deposits from equipment and tanks ensuring productivity and reducing down time. Mineral deposits often promote algae growth in open reservoirs and regular cleaning and maintenance is required to prevent sludge buildup. Maintaining good air quality is a paramount concern and we provide regular air quality testing for chemical inhalants, vapors, exhausts, and mold and bacterial contamination.




Crane Services
Clean Tank Inc offers crane services with a variety of crane sizes to fit your heavy lifting.  Whether you need a tank installed or a tank removed and/or relocated, Clean Tank can help you.

On-Water Oil Spill Response
Got Boom? We do.  Clean Tank Inc responds to On Water Oil Spills. 

Decontamination Services
Clean Tank Inc provides Decontamination Services.  Clean Tank Inc can decontaminate boats, boom, equipment and much more. 

Fuel Management Systems
Complete Fuel Management Systems from 150 gallon to 30,000 gallon capacities. 

Tank Sales
150 gallon tanks to 30,000 gallon tanks.

IBC Stainless Steel Totes
350 gallon stainless steel totes to 550 gallon stainless steel totes.

Poly IBC Totes
275 gallon to 350 gallon poly totes. 

Excavation and Site Prep
Clean Tank Inc offers Excavation and Site Prep

Tank Cleaning
Confined Space Entry Tank Cleaning 

Hydro Blasting Services. 

Tank Deliveries, Pickups, Winch Outs and Relocates
Clean Tank provides a full transportation service for storage tanks and equipment. 

Fuel Releases

Vacuum Truck Services

Containment Pans
Containment Pans built to size 

Monolithic Containment Pans

Reservoir Clean-Out

Aviation Services

Industrial Services

Skimming Vessels

Airboat and Resuce Teams

Generator Fuel Management
Generator Base tank cleaning, Fuel and tank monitoring, Fuel sampling , Fuel analysis , Application of fuel additives/biocides , Fuel filtration services , Tank inspection , Water and sludge removal, Remove water and particulates, Vacuum Truck services, Spill Kits, Spill Response

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