24 Hour Emergency Response
Houston: 832-934-1221 | Yorktown: 361-574-8823


First response teams are equipped to handle industrial accidents, environmental disasters and all types of fuel releases including tanker wrecks, leaking tanks, overfills, and spills. When an emergency situation arises, our first response team can mobilize directly from the field. Clean Tank Inc. operates under the strictest of safety procedures and in cooperation with our clients and the local authorities.

Clean Tank Inc responded to the BP MC 252 spill in 2010
Letter of Appreciation, Michael J Utsler: BP Unified Area Commander
Letter of Appreciation, Brian Bauer: BP Incident Commander

Clean Tank Inc. brings together the necessary equipment, trained personnel and experience to safely and properly address most spills. Clean Tank Inc. owns excavation equipment, Vacuum Trucks, Vacuum Boxes, emergency response trailers and a host of other specialized equipment. Our personnel are 40 hour HAZWOPER trained and renew their training annually.

Fuel Release Response

Clean Tank Inc., is equipped to handle all sizes of fuels releases from small saddle diesel spills to fuel tanker accidents and all kinds of fuels from common combustables and flammables to unique liquids and fuel additives.

Oil Spill Response

Clean Tank Inc. was part of the Team that responded to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill incident. We understand that prevention of oil migration is the key factor to reducing environmental liabilities. We handle oil spills of all sizes from a few gallons to thousands of barrels on any environment wet or dry.

On-Water, Oil Spill Response

Got Boom? We do.  Clean Tank Inc responds to On Water Oil Spills. 

Natural Disaster Response

Clean Tank Inc.'s disaster response teams are trained to respond to hurricane, tornado, fire and flood events, providing rescue teams to help those immediately affected by disasters, as well as site inspections, hazard assessments and complete cleanup and decontamination operations during recovery.

Train Derailments

Train Derailments

Air Boat & Rescue Teams

Our Air Boat & Rescue teams are equipped to respond to search and rescues as well as support during disaster relief efforts.

Contingency Plans

Any area can experience a natural or man-made disaster that can effect lives and local busineses. Our professional disaster response team can help you develop a contingency plan that will reduce business disruption times and overall recovery costs. Careful preparation and planning prior to a disaster, will make recovery that much easier for everyone involved

Soil Remediation & Disposal

We are experienced in cleaning up contaminated soil so that the area is usable again without risk to health.

Excavation & Site Prep.

Excavation Site preparation is fundamental to construction projects.

Vac-Truck Services

Clean Tank Inc. can efficiently and cost-effectively remove and transport liquid and semi-solid waste materials from totes, tanks, and other vessels. Clean Tank handles a range of liquids and semi-solids, including flammable, non flammable and corrosive materials. These materials typically include sludge, wastewater, oil/water mix, drilling mud, petroleum products and spills.

Decontamination Services

Clean Tank Inc. provides a full range of decontamination services for boats, boom, equipment and much more

Stand-by Rescue

Clean Tank Inc.Stand-by Rescue teams are equipped to respond during disaster relief efforts.

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